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  • • Large, easy-to-read LCD monitor. • With OMS indicator. WHO stands for World Health Organization. Blood pressure (green = normal blood pressure, yellow = light hypertension, orange or red = medium to heavy hypertension) is a result of WHO indications. The semaphore-type scale on the edge of the monitor shows the range in which the measured value is...

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  • Protective stocking with anti-bacterial effect and flexible application Juzo Silver 9640

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  • FEEL UNIQUE clogs with kitchen themed designs were created to provide long-lasting comfort with a unique style that allows you to highlight your personality.

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  • Ortomed comfort footwear ref. 6049Comfort anatomical footwear with velcro, made of soft fabric and polyurethane sole, features that make it extremely light, pliable and comfortable.Ideal for people with deformities of the feet, especially for hallux valgus, popularly known as bunion, as well as for people with hammer or claw toes.

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  • EVERLITE is ideal for uses where prolonged standing or walking may tend to induce foot discomfort or lower body fatigue, especially to be used in: Hospitals and Other Healthcare Institutions, Cleaning Companies, Pharmaceutical Industry, Geriatrics and Physiotherapists.

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  • Leather shoe for diabetics and swollen feet - Ref. 5002

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  • Leather shoe for diabetics and swollen feet - Ref. 5003

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  • The silicone insoles for the feet not only guarantee comfort, but also have a determining influence in the prevention of diseases of the sole of the foot.

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