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  • Leather shoe for diabetics and swollen feet - Ref. 5002

  • Leather shoe for diabetics and swollen feet - Ref. 5003

  • The silicone insoles for the feet not only guarantee comfort, but also have a determining influence in the prevention of diseases of the sole of the foot.

  • The use of heel protectors allows people who use them to reduce symptoms of possible physical problems such as overloads that affect the knees, hips or the heel itself.

  •  The bunion or Hallux Valgus is the bony protuberance that usually comes out on the first finger (big toe) of the foot due to the deviation into the phalanges of the finger and the metatarsal outwards. This deviation, in addition to the drawbacks that it can cause on its own, is very uncomfortable with footwear because it rubs on the shoe and transforms...

  • Compression tights Juzo Spirit 2901 grade 1 (18-21 mm HG) On tired or heavy legs, no visible varicose veins In simple small varicose veins without edema In the varices of pregnancy in the initial state and postpartum In prophylaxis of varicose veins In the prophylaxis of venous thrombosis No toe cap

  • With this crusher it is very easy to reduce the pills to powder without effort, thanks to its ergonomic shape that allows to comfortably "grasp and to turn".It is supplied randomly in a variety of attractive colors.The lid incorporates a compartment for storing pills.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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