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Compression tights Juzo Spirit 2902 (AT)

Compression tights Juzo Spirit 2902 grade 2 (23-32 mm HG)

In simple varices with slight edema

In severe deep venous

After curing the varicose ulcer

In the prevention and treatment of the acute phase of DVT

In pregnancy varicose veins

After sclerosing and surgical treatment of varicose veins

No toe cap

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Compression therapy

Apply pressure: Medical compression stockings and compression tights help in diseases like varicose veins, lymphedema or lipedema. Compression improves venous and lymph return.

Compression stockings for veins

The mesh of the stockings exerts a pressure on the veins ie the tissue and thus improves the venous return. The painful swelling and congestion subside. Compression stockings are an important medical aid for therapy, but are also used for prophylaxis, in the case of standing occupations, or against travel thromboses.

The compression stockings are not the same as support stockings

The compression stockings differ in essential points from the support stockings. They are administered by a physician. The legs are measured by a specialist from a medical specialty store. Then the compression stockings with the exact measurements are delivered as standard or are made to measure. In comparison, support stockings are not suitable for the treatment of diseases, only for prevention.

The new variety in the stockings sector

Thanks to its unique mesh, the Juzo Hostess range has the most transparent compression stockings on the market. By means of a special treatment all the yarns used by Juzo in the manufacture of their stockings are permeable to air and moisture. This manufacturing process also guarantees greater strength and durability in the segment of fine compression stockings.

The Juzo Hostess compression tights, thanks to their special mesh in the strap area (2581/2582), guarantee an excellent fit. The highly elastic strap area is ideal for larger waistlines and also during pregnancy.


Permeable to air and moisture
Optimum adaptation thanks to the special mesh in the belt area



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